Environmentally Safe Abrasive Blasting for Boats

Our process is fast and environmentally safe. We work on all makes and models of boats and yachts year round.

By using fine recycled crushed glass, at only 100 psi, we give you a finish that's equivalent to sandpaper. In addition, we lay down ground protection and curtain off the vessel as a form of containment.

Click and drag on the circle in the middle of each image to see the difference that Tri-State Soda Blasting makes.

The Quick Way to Remove Anti-fouling Paint From Your Boat

When it's time to remove years of accumulated paint from your boat hull, one way to strip it is to spend hour after hour sanding away at it. You can also strip it with chemicals, but they can be hazardous, plus you have to safely dispose of the mess.

Instead of sanding your boat or using chemicals, call Tri-State Soda Blasting. With professional abrasive blasting, your boat can be ready for new paint, repairs, or restoration in nearly no time at all.

We have years of experience in blasting boats and yachts. Call today to schedule your bottom paint removal needs. We require that we blast boat bottoms BEFORE the vessel is shrink-wrapped.

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