What is Soda blasting?

Soda Blasting is a revolutionary cleaning technology that uses a non-destructive abrasive and eliminates environmentally hazardous chemicals.

Soda blasting can be used wet or dry to remove paint, corrosion, biological contaminants, oil, grease, carbon, and many other coatings.

The Soda Blast Process

An image showing the blast processsThis new paint stripping technology eliminates toxic cleaning chemicals. It cleans multi-layered surfaces to any level desired and can be used while most machines and processes are in operation. It is a safe, portable, wet or dry, non-destructive stripping process.

The soda blast media is a specially formulated sodium bicarbonate -- baking soda. This non-toxic, food-grade material is 100% water soluble and environmentally safe.

Soda blasting uses compressed air to propel the media onto the area to be cleaned. When the media comes in contact with the contaminant on the substrate, the sodium bicarbonate particles explode.

An image of a man sodablasting a truck